W.T. Stead and the New Journalism

By Owen Mulpetre

Editor of the W.T. Stead Resource Site


This study examines the New Journalism of W.T. Stead during his editorship of the Pall Mall Gazette and the Northern Echo and challenges a number of ideas about the early development of the New Journalism as a concept and genre. This paper:

  • Questions the widespread assumption that New Journalism was a name and concept generated by Matthew Arnold in his famous critique of Stead's editorial style at the Pall Mall Gazette.

  • It explores three high profile press campaigns that Stead conducted during the year of 1887, which played their own part in establishing New Journalism as a popular and controversial concept in the public mind.

  • It compares and contrasts the embryonic New Journalism Stead practiced at the Northern Echo (1871-80) and shows how he used New Journalistic techniques during this early part of his career.

Only available from the W.T. Stead Resource Site and using material from previously unpublished sources, this original research paper analyses Stead's journalism at two key stages of his remarkable career: his most celebrated years at the Pall Mall Gazette and his less well-known years spent editing the Northern Echo. It is useful paper to anyone studying W.T. Stead.

Owen Mulpetre (BA Hons, MPhil)

106 pages PDF document.

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