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It was five-and-twenty years ago, in the grimy little town of Howdon-on-Tyne - it was on the "ballast-hill" - the playground of its children - that a boy of twelve years old felled to the ground a boy who had gone to look at a girl who had turned aside to tie up her garter. That boy has since become the author of "The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon," in which he has not ceased to be faithful to his boyish idea of the sacredness of the modesty and virtue of an English girl. From its room in Northumberland Street, Strand, the same arm has dealt its manhood's blow at the whole herd of the "fornicators, adulterers, and whoremongers" of the land; and from the smoke rooms of the Clubs, and even from some in the offices of Whitehall, has been heard the magnified howl of the dirty-minded Howdon boy. And passers-by that day did not give themselves time to understand, and said,"You should not fight." And cynical companions laughed at the little fool's rage: what were girls made for? But despite his critics, the young Howdon knight understood somehow, that to champion chastity was right; if the world would not help girls to wear it, he would..

Benjamin Waugh, William T. Stead : a Life for the People

Contemporary Authors

William T. Stead & his Peace Message by James A. MacDonald (1912)
William T. Stead: Cosmopolitan Journalist by B.O. Flower (1914)
The Life of Mr. W. T. Stead by John Kensit (1885)
William T. Stead: A Life for the People by Benjamin Waugh (1885)

Modern Authors