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William Thomas Stead was a newspaper revolutionary and one of the most controversial figures of his age. Journalist, editor, pacifist and spiritualist, he was an important contributor to the evolution of today’s popular journalism and his death on the Titanic continues to generate fascination and debate.

Delve deeper into this academically applauded website and discover more about this extraordinary man, whose many social and political campaigns had far reaching effects that remain with us today.

On this website, you will discover a wealth of textual material, including Stead’s tour de force of Victorian prostitution, The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon and transcripts from his trial, prosecution and imprisonment over the infamous Eliza Armstrong Case. Featuring hundreds of texts, images and facsimiles covering almost every aspect of his life and career, the WTSRS is today the largest online database of material on W.T. Stead.

Therefore we say quite frankly to-day that all those who are squeamish, and all those who are prudish, and all those who prefer to live in a fool’s paradise of imaginary innocence and purity, selfishly oblivious to the horrible realities which torment those whose lives are passed in the London Inferno, will do well not to read the Pall Mall Gazette of Monday and the three following days. W. T. Stead (The Pall Mall Gazette, July 4, 1885)

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