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Grant Allen to W.T. Stead


The Nook, Horsham Road, Dorking

My Dear Stead, I shall be very glad to write you another scientific causerie, but on two conditions – pay, two guineas a thousand words; and every word I write to be printed.

I have read M Catchpool’s letter with dismay and amazement. That an open apologist of our vile existing system, which embraces as component parts of itself, prostitution, wife-beating, and the disgusting disclosures of the divorce court, should venture to use such language of the advocates of a higher and purer moral platform, and of a deeper recognition of marital responsibility, strikes me dumb with indignation. Does the man know anything of the horrors of prostitution? Of the east end slums? Of infant mortality? Of the condition of wives among the degraded classes? If he does, and then dares to palliate and excuse the system that produces them, I can only say, my moral ideas and his have no common ground. He can never have thought about these subjects at all; and I earnestly hope you will send him on this letter.

We shall be delighted to see you whenever you can come, to discuss rationally all national plans for the bettering of humanity. In haste,

Yours ever,

Grant Allen.

PS. No truce with prostitution or female slavery!