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Grant Allen to W.T. Stead

(June 15, 18??)

The Nook, Horsham Road, Dorking. June 15, [18??]

Dear Mr. Stead,

I enclose a note from an old Canadian friend of mine, Sir Richard Cartwright, whose name you doubtless know. (Of course the note is strictly private.) I send also a copy of the speech to which he refers, with important passages marked. I should think it lies very much in your line. But what a Utopian idea for a practical statesman—an Anglo-Saxon confederation! Why, I, who am a Utopian by birth, would have been afraid of publishing it. The little point in the postscript in which he seeks to enlist me by an appeal to my personal cupidity is exquisitely characteristic of the methods of colonial politics.

Could you mention the matter to any other journalists. If so, I should be very much obliged. I send two or three copies, in case you could. But of course I know how busy you are.

Yours very sincerely,

Grant Allen.