W.T. Stead to Grant Richards

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W.T. Stead to Grant Richards (January 20, 1894)

Quoted in Grant Richards, Memories of a Misspent Youth, 1872-1896 (1932) p. 306

My dear Grantie

…I do not agree with you as to the British Public and the Daily Paper. I do not think that the British Public wanted the paper and I do not think that my own friends wanted it either. I am quite sure that God Almighty did not and therefore I have not a single regret about it. It is curious when things move as rapidly as they do with me to get letters that are written in reply to a letter that I had written three or four weeks before. You are replying to a state of mind which has past away. I have no more thought about the Daily Paper and my disappointment over that than I have about Julius Caesar. I wish you could get strong. It is quite one of the most important duties that you owe to yourself to take care of yourself and get well and strong. With best respects to your people.