Proofreading Services

Proofreading & Copy Editing Services

I am a native English speaker, historian, author and proofreader, with BA (Hons) and MPhil degrees from Teesside University, UK. As a fully qualified academic and editor of the W.T. Stead Resource Site, I know the standards required to get any academic piece over the finish line.

Whatever academic piece you are writing, simple typos and/or spelling and grammatical errors can threaten the perceived quality of your work. An undergraduate essay can lose valuable percentage marks if not properly proofread, while uncaught typos and spelling errors can be the death-knell for dissertations, theses and would-be journal articles.

However, proofreading your own work can be fraught with peril, as your mind will always try to anticipate what word comes next in the text, even if that word is absent or mispelled. It is this smoothing over that allows mistakes to escape detection. This is where a proofreader comes in..

What I will do:

  • Check for punctuation, spelling and gramatical errors.

  • Check sentence and paragraph structure.

  • Check for inconsistency and repetition.
  • Restructure/improve wording where required.

  • Remove unnecessary or redundant words and phrases so your text flows more smoothly.
  • Offer advice and suggestions that could improve your writing style.