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"Since my letter of yesterday I have supped full of horrors. Nothing has as yet been said of the Turks that I do not now believe; nothing could be said of them that I should not think probable and likely.

There is, it seems, a point in atrocity beyond which discrimination is impossible, when mere comparison, calculation, measurement are out of the question, and this point the Turks have already passed. You can follow them no further.

The way is blocked up by mountains of hideous facts that repel scrutiny and investigation, over and beyond which you can not see and do not care to go. You feel that it is superfluous to continue measuring these mountains and deciding whether they be a few feet higher or lower, and you do not care to go seeking for mole hills among them. You feel that it is time to turn back; that you have seen enough. But let me tell you what we saw at Batak.."

J. A. MacGahan on Turkish Atrocities in Bulgaria

Miscellanous Texts

Passing of Rebecca Jarrett from The War Cry (1928)
Rebecca Jarrett's Narrative (c. 1928)
Bulgarian Horrors and the Question of the East by W. E. Gladstone (1876)
J. A. MacGahan on the Batak Massacre (August 22, 1876)
Presentation of the Petition to the Queen from The War Cry (1886)
Up to Easter by Mathew Arnold (1887)
The Death of General Gordon at Khartoum by Alfred Egmont Hake
Campaigning against the Acts from The Shield (1871)
The Bitter Cry of Outcast London by Andrew Mearns (1883)
Madame Novikoff by Rev. W. Tcikwell
Gladstone and the Bulgarian Atrocities by George Horton (1926)
The Citizenship of Women by Kier Hardie (1905)
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The Lovers of the Lost by Josephine Butler (1870)
The Present Aspect of the Crusade by Josephine Butler (1874)


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