Presentation of the Petition to the Queen

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Presentation of the Petition to the Queen: Praying for the Release of Mr. W. T. Stead and Rebecca Jarrett

The War Cry (January 2, 1886)

This Petition consisted of 200,005 signatures, and was presented at the Home Office at three o’clock in the afternoon of Tuesday, the 22nd of December. It was made up into an enormous roll, and taken to the Home Office in a van, accompanied by a large deputation, which consisted of men of the following trades and professions:—

Butchers, bakers, grocers, dairymen, grooms, butlers, gardeners, postmen, salesmen, carmen, fishermen, stonemasons, bricklayers, carpenters, brickmakers, blacksmiths, gunsmiths, iron-workers, printers, clerks, students, millers, bootmakers, leather-cutters, bill-posters, hawkers, fitters, boot-tanners, weavers, minors, shepherds, labourers and costermongers.

The petition was presented by Mr. Cullen, Commissioner Sherwood, Staff Captain Boon, Brick, and others. It was too large to be sent up by the ordinary lift and had to be carried upstairs on the shoulders of some ten or twelve men, which caused the greatest astonishment among the numerous clerks and officials, who turned out in strong numbers and with manifest curiosity to see what was the matter.