W.T. Stead to W.Shaw Esq.

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W.T. Stead to W. Shaw Esq.

(August 15, 1910)

W. Shaw Esquire

United Society of Christian Endeavour, Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass.

Dear Mr. Shaw,

I have to thank-you very much for your letter of July 18th with it’s enclosure, which is very interesting. I am not surprised that you should ask for an explanation of the remarks attributed to me. What I said was that no one could deny the good faith of the Christian Endeavour Society which has opposed prize-fighting on every occasion, but the irony of the situation lay in the fact that the efforts of the Christian Endeavour would have met with no response from the great public of America if it had not been that the white man was beaten. From your enclosure I do not think that you very much dissent from this view, but I do think your agitation is much more due to a fear and dislike of the negro than to any moral objection to the prize ring.

I am,

Yours sincerely

W.T. Stead esq