Stead and Astor Cling to Raft

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Stead and Astor Cling to Raft

Worcester Telegram (Saturday, April 20, 1912)

New York, April 19 – One version of the deaths of John Jacob Astor and William T. Stead was told by Philip Mock, who, with his sister, Mrs. Paul Schabert, were among the survivors.

“Many men were hanging on to rafts in the sea,” said Mr. Mock. “William T. Stead, the author, and Col. John Jacob Astor clung to a raft. Their feet became frozen and they were compelled to release their hold. Both were drowned.”

According to a surgeon of the New York hospital who went aboard the Carpathia after she docked, four bodies were buried at sea from that steamer.

The chief steward of the Carpathia explained the large number of the crew saved by saying that the majority of them jumped from the Titanic and were picked up by the boats.