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Grant Allen to W.T. Stead

(February 26, 1895)

The Croft, Hind Head, Haslemere (February 26, 1895)

My dear Stead,

For two or three days I have been meaning to write to you to say that, as other reviews roll in, and I realise more the vast gulf that separates me from other men on this question, I have constantly felt how much obliged I ought to have been to you for your tolerant notice. And now, before I could find time to write, Eason’s letter comes in, a monument of bigotry, and surely the most astounding business communication ever yet penned by the secretary of a limited company. I can only say, it gives me a worse opinion than I ever before held of Irish Catholicism. I return it herewith, and of course will make no public reference to it. But I wish you could mention in the papers that they have interdicted your number; that should surely do good rather than harm to both of us.

I spoke to Grant Richards of the subject on which you wrote, without telling him you had written; and I hope you will find he is more attentive in future. Thank you once more for your kindness in hinting it.

In great haste—I am overwhelmed with letters, (mostly sympathetic, from women).

Yours very sincerely,

Grant Allen.